In addition to my compassionate, present focused therapy, I offer OBLPCT approved Clinical Supervision to Interns pursuing their LPC license in the state of Oregon. My intention as a supervisor is to offer a space for one to consider their role as healer, mental health counselor, and role in the greater community of health and wellness for all. In addition to processing and collaborating on offering ethical, evidence based, trauma-informed care, Supervisees have the opportunity to explore the impacts that professional work has on their personal life. While I take great care in establishing understanding and boundaries around professional, ethical therapy, it is my belief that there is not separation from our own healing journeys and the work that we do for others. In that, I endeavor to create a supervision space that encompasses professional collaboration, mentoring, teaching and clinical consultation as well as personal growth and self-care space. For more information about Clinical Supervision, please contact me directly through email or phone.



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