It’s my goal to help you feel worthy, cared for and full of life. 

Feeling empowered and deserving cultivates connection. And from connection grows love, self-worth and value. Relationships, work and a sense of being well thrive in this place.

I offer a nurturing counseling experience with space for you to be courageous, honest, curious. You will develop useful skills in session and to apply in daily life so you can experience relief, self-acceptance and connection. 

It is my intention to support your whole Self through somatic and mindfulness practices in an ethical, professional psychotherapy framework. 

I am committed to offering trauma-informed, inclusive and equitable care. This means, I am conscious of my continuous need for education, learning how to decenter whiteness, systems of oppression and hierarchies that impact peoples’ ability to feel whole and accepted.

 Due to COVID-19 pandemic, I am offering client sessions via secure video and phone as well as in person appointments for vaccinated individuals. If meeting in person, masks are currently a requirement by the OHA for all people accessing and offering care from a healthcare provider.Contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment at Julianna / 503-307-3007

Heartwood Therapy and Supervision, LLC


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