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Education and Experience

I completed an MA degree in Counseling Psychology from the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling in 2006. Major course work included human growth and development, current, evidence-based therapy modalities, couples, group, adolescent and adult treatment. As a Licensee of the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, I abide by its Code of Ethics. To maintain my license I am required to complete continuing education courses and training that are relevant to my profession.

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I have offered mental health therapy in private practice, partial hospital eating disorders treatment program, mental health agency setting, and gambling addictions services since 2005. I am inspired by family/relationship dynamics, attachment, human development, trauma-informed healing and wellness, and client-centered therapy rooted in compassion and unconditional positive regard. I believe that a thoughtful, present-minded approach to any therapeutic technique or theory can offer lasting results to your mood, health, ambition and relationships.

I have specialized training in trauma-informed counseling, mindfulness and body-based therapies including:

  • Intensive trauma training with Bessel van Der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps the Score
  • Stephen Porges, who developed Polyvagal Theory
  • Meditation and Psychotherapy led by Tara Brach
  • Certification in Applied Polyvagal Theory in Therapeutic Yoga with Arielle Schwartz and Stephen Porges
  • Peter Levine’s Basics in Somatic Experiencing work
  • Racialized trauma and the body with Resmaa Menakem

These trainings have offered me insight into the role of the nervous system in our body availability and regulation as well as a deep need for compassion and mindfulness based caring at every corner. My study and commitment to finding ways to integrate the body into therapy has been unwavering as I believe it is our access to the present where we can learn to explore safety and change to improve our life vitality.

I have completed 500-hr Yoga training and, most recently, have completed a 55hr training in Mental Health and Wellness through Yoga Medicine. I have taught yoga classes and private/couples yoga since 2003 in studio settings and private practice. I offer private, couples and small group yoga as needed and therapeutically appropriate. Yoga is one of several types of mindfulness-based tools I offer in my practice. If you believe that a supportive, safe physical practice is something you’d like to explore as a part of therapy, please contact me.

In addition to my counseling credentials, I have taught graduate classes as an adjunct faculty member at the Lewis & Clark Graduate School in the Counseling Program and offer trainings there for clinicians in Trauma Treatment and Anti-racist Private Practice and Supervision Training.

I am a devoted mother of two young girls and enjoy spending time with my family outdoors, enjoying our vibrant community. A life-long writer and avid reader, I enjoy the richness narrative and storytelling offers life.

For more information about my therapy services, rates and hours of business, please contact me at email Julianna or 503-307-3007.

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