Classes & Groups

Group Offerings:

I periodically offer group session series focused on mindfulness and support. Contact me with questions.


I offered a training on Somatic and Mindfulness-based Trauma Treatment on March 7, 2020. Look for future trainings in Fall 2021.

And a workshop co-facilitated on building your anti-racist private therapy practice March, 2021.

And a workshop co-facilitated on anti-racist, trauma-informed supervision in May, 2021.

Workshops are currently offered through Lewis & Clark College Center for Continuing Engagement.


I have taught as adjunct faculty at the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling. Courses include Group Counseling, Practicum Supervision in the Lewis & Clark Community Counseling Center, Child and Family Therapy, and Lifespan Development. Working with dedicated students on their path towards service to a well and healthy world is inspiring and enhances all aspects of my therapeutic work and personal life.

Private, Family and Couples Yoga:

My private practice offers a rich opportunity to discover how some of the foundations of yoga can support your healing and wellness. Couples, families and individuals can benefit from this cultivation of self-awareness about relationship dynamics and the informative power of the mind/body connection. I’m motivated by neurobiological understanding of mental health and utilize my expertise in yoga and mindfulness to aid my understanding and treatment of emotional discomfort, trauma and personal crisis from a whole body approach.

About my yoga teaching:

I am not currently teaching ongoing yoga classes. Please contact me for information about private or small group classes.

I have been teaching yoga classes since 2003. My classes offer students a path towards clarity, and wellness through the integration of mind and body. I skillfully blend the physical (asana) practice of yoga with breathwork and mindful meditation. Mindfulness is the process of developing self-aJulianna 9wareness by slowing down and experiencing how the body, emotions and mind feel. By being in relationship with the body, we can learn to have a comprehensive understanding of the present, relax, calm down the mind, and shift emotions. It is my goal as a teacher to help you feel joy and peace in your relationship with your self and your yoga practice.

My training in mental health, and apprenticeship with yoga teachers throughout the past two decades has proven transformational in my personal yoga and mindfulness practice.

Recently, I completed the 55hour Mental Health and Wellness module through Yoga Medicine. See my article for insights on how yoga and meditation impacts how I practice and support others.

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